Play It Again – REMOTE

Steps to Play Remotely

  1. The HOST starts a game
  2. The HOST specifies whether the game is played IN PERSON or REMOTE
  3. A GAME CODE is generated
  4. The HOST is asked to select a MUSIC VENDOR (Spotify or Apple Music)
  5. The HOST shares the GAME CODE with other PLAYERS
  6. The PLAYERS join the game by entering the GAME CODE
  7. The PLAYERS are asked to verify their MUSIC VENDOR (NOTE – for remote play HOST and PLAYERS must use the same music vendor. This also required a premium account with the vendor.)
  8. Once all players are joined, the HOST will start the game by clicking the START button.
  9. A category is randomly generated from our library of 400+ categories
  10. ALL PLAYERS have 2 minutes to select a song that best fits the category
  11. Once all players have selected their songs, they start playing automatically for everyone through their own devices
  12. ALL PLAYERS will have the ability to skip a song after 30 seconds, but are limited to 2 minutes per song, ensuring rounds don’t go too long.
  13. Once ALL PLAYERS have finished listening to their songs, either through skipping or listening to the max amount of time, voting will start.
  14. ALL PlAYERS have 1 minute to vote for the song that they think BEST FIT the category of the round
  15. Points are distributed and a winner is selected
  16. The HOST selects when to start the NEXT ROUND

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