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We always encourage honest and constructive feedback, whether it’s here through our website or on our social media accounts. It helps us think differently and come up with new and fresh ideas for our current and future apps. We’re excited to list an app review for Play It Again, coming to you from GamesKeys.Net; also check us out on their Hand-Picked mobile games for families.

Going Remote

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, cre8iviti as expanded the functionality of Play It Again to be played remotely. Check out how to play remotely HERE.

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Our Mission

Change how people enjoy music with each other by gamifying and socializing the music experience and making it accessible to everyone! 

Our History

Play It Again is a family-created game. It started with a random night at home, the entire family gathered for a cozy home-cooked meal. Trying to come up with something new, my dad suggested we take turns picking a song… we play a little bit of it for the others, then pass it along for the next person to pick a song; once the phone had made a full circle around the table we’d vote for our favorite song. Crazily enough, that simple game was a BLAST! We shared music and enjoyed each other’s company. The next morning our neighbors stopped by asking what in the world we were doing last night. That was the beginning of “The Music Game”… a simple passing of a phone and playing music became the staple game for all of our parties and hangouts with family, friends, and neighbors. 

What was known as “The Music Game” for about 3 years would become “Play It Again,” so, here we are…

Product Overview

The Game

We created an interactive, multi-player music game (for iOS) that lets players compete against each other by using their music knowledge and creativity… BUT, we added a twist…

Play It Again lets a HOST generate a “game code” that other PLAYERS can use to join the game. 

Each game consists of ROUNDS. At the beginning of each round a CATEGORY is randomly generated (e.g. “The Color Blue”) … now each player is on the clock to find a song that “best” fits that category. “Best fit” really depends on how you interpret the category and how creative you can be. 

Play It Again gives MUSIC LOVERS the ability to show off their musical creativity while competing with friends and family.


A HOST is needs to start the game, then other players can join by entering a GAME CODE

At the beginning of a round a CATEGORY will be randomly generated

Each player get 2 MINUTES to pick the song they think best matches the category

Once all songs are selected, they start playing automatically and RANDOMLY

The host has the power to SKIP SONGS once 30 SECONDS of the song have played

At the end of the round each player gets 30 seconds to PICK THEIR FAVORITE SONG
(NOTE – you can’t pick your own song)

The player with the most votes & points is crowned the WINNER!
(If there is a tie, the person who took the least time to pick their song will win the tie-breaker)

Once the winner of the round is determined, the host is given the option to START ANOTHER ROUND or exit the game.
(When selecting another round, a new category is generated and we keep going)

Future Vision

We want to change the way music is enjoyed and shared. Ultimately, we want to transform the music experience, turning it into a social experience… after all, music is meant to be enjoyed TOGETHER! 

Play It Again currently only exists on iOS devices; we want to change that by developing a Play It Again app for Android devices, too! Music is global and can transcend anything… it can be shared and enjoyed across all cultures, so we want to give everyone the opportunity to share their creativity and love for music, no matter what platform.

Looking toward the future, we plan to launch other versions of Play It Again, targeting larger groups and venues (Bars, Colleges & Universities, Social Clubs, etc.). We believe we can not only change the way we listen and share music with friends, but also how we interact with it in larger social settings. Let’s not just leave music as the backdrop of a social gathering… let’s make the music a highlight of the party!

Product Reviews

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